The WWCSD early childhood programs provide children with a high-quality preschool experience. We hold high expectations for success and provide students with a safe, caring and nurturing environment. Research indicates that children provided with a high-quality preschool experience show significant positive development. The dynamic environment, not only within our early childhood programs, but throughout WWCSD, illustrates that when a school and community work together, extraordinary results occur.

Points of Pride

Stottlemyer offers numerous parent events during and after school throughout the year.  Attendance at the events is often over 400!

Stottlemyer will send 342 students to our district kindergarten classrooms!

100%  staff are highly qualified for the roles they serve!

Early Childhood Special Education Program (ECP)

ECP has a highly specialized staff to work with children with a wide variety of special needs.  

Early Childhood Special Education Services (ECS)

ECS provides services to over 200 children annually ages 0-3 with a diagnosis delay from 10 districts in Western Wayne County.

SPARKEY (tuition preschool)

  • 95% of the parents from the SPARKEY preschool program were very pleased with their child's academic and behavorial progress for the 2017-2018 school year.

  • SPARKEY Parents loved the BLOOMZ communication app used in the classroom!  100% were pleased with communication from the teacher!


  • 112 4 year old children received full day preschool in the GSRP program.  


  • Head Start is a parent driven program and includes monthly parent policy committee meetings, parent programs, and parent training.

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ECS Water Day Celebration

Stottlemyer ECS Water Day 1

Stottlemyer ECS Water Day

This was part of our end of the year celebration!

Field Day

Stottlemyer Field Day
View all images from our Field Day event!

Regie's Rainbow Adventure

View our image gallery from Regie's Rainbow Adventure

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Stottlemeyer Early Childhood photo gallery

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