Network Technology

Division of Technology

Every classroom and library in the district received new computers, printers, and Internet access as a result of the 1998 Technology Bond, with additional computer labs in all secondary schools. In 2003, the district passed an additional $30-million “Sinking Fund” to continue the prosperity and educational excellence.

The staff of the Technology Department not only work behind the scenes to ensure operation of the infrastructure, but they too are most visible when leading technology training sessions throughout the district.  Implementation of a new help desk has led to an improved system of response to technical questions.

Seth Wenzel
Executive Director of Instructional Technology & Innovation
Cathy Stone
Secretary to Seth Wenzel
Jameson Devol
Network Administrator
Kris Barrett
Network Technician
Taberious Horton
Network Technician
Cathy Perry
Network Technician
Jonathan Silver
Network Technician
Jay Thornton
Network Technician
Joe Karel
Title I Technology Support Specialist
Bethany West
Equipment Repair Technician