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    This type of writing is used when you want to persuade or convince someone to agree with your opinion.  This can be done as an essay or a letter. 

    Make sure you have specific, logical reasons to back up your argument.  (Don't just write " because it's the right thing to do", or " because it will make the world a better place".)


Persuasive writing should have these things:

1. Position Sentence:  This is the last sentence in the introduction paragraph.  This is when you state your opinion or "take a stand".

2. Supporting Reasons:  Think of three specific reasons why the reader should agree with you.  Fully explain each reason and maybe mention what might happen if they don't agree with you.  This is written in several paragraphs in the middle or "body" of your essay or letter.

3. Conclusion:  This is the last paragraph where you restate or "remind" the reader of what your opinion is, or what you believe they should do.


Here is a short example of persuasive writing:

    Books are very important for students in school.  They can learn many new things and improve their skills.  However, our school library sometimes doesn't have enough types of some books.  I think that the school fundraiser money should be used to buy more books for our school library.

    First, our class is doing reports on different animals and there are only a few books available on each kind.  This makes it hard to do research and write our reports if we all have to share books, or can't take them home to use.  If the library could buy more books, we would be able to do our reports better.

    Second, there is sometimes only one copy of a fiction book on the shelf and kids have to take turns checking it out.  If the library could buy more copies of a book, then two kids could check out the same book and partner-read together.  This would help us get better at reading, plus it's fun to read with a friend!

    Third, there are many new things happening in the world and new information needs to be there for kids to learn and read about.  For example, maybe a new kind of dinosaur is discovered, or a new president is elected.  Without new books being bought for the library, kids will not be able to learn about these things if we just have old books to check out.

    So, it is important to buy more books for the library and the school fundraiser is a good way to get the money!  Kids will have more choices to read.  We can keep up with new things that happen in the world.  Plus, we won't have to wait so long to have a chance to read our favorite book!



Suggestions for Persuasive Writing Topics:

1. Students should (or should not) have a longer recess time.

2. The school year should (or should not) be longer.

3. Students should (or should not) have to wear school uniforms.

4. There should (or should not) be a pop machine in the lunchroom.

5. Pizza should (or should not) be a menu choice each day.


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