Zangle ParentConnection Videos

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Curriculum Corner
This video features an interview with Mary Jane Mielke, Director of Intructional Technology, about the Zangle ParentConnection web site.

Introduction and Accessing ParentConnection
This video will give an overview of the Zangle ParentConnection website and explains how you can access the web site.

Logging in to Zangle ParentConnection
This video will give you step-by-step instructions for using your pin number and password to log into the Zangle ParentConnection web site.

Navigating through the Zangle ParentConnection Web site
This series of short videos will show you how to navigate through each of the modules of student information available to you when you log into the Zangle ParentConnection web site.

Demographics - General student information

Schedule - Student schedules by the period or by the term

Attendance - Student attendance summarized by Reason for Absence or detailed by the day and the period.

Assignments - Student assignments organized by periods.

Marks - Student grades for the year organized by the marking period

Transcript - A complete history of semester marks and credits earned by the student.

GPA - A complete history of the student's grade point average. Also includes class ranking and class size information.

Cafeteria - If deposits are made into the cafeteria system, this page will display your student's balance and a summary of their cafeteria purchases.