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District Transition Team

As a result of the 21st Century Committee recommendations adopted by the Board of Education in December, many of our students will be making a change to a new school building for the 2010-2011 school year. These transitions can be very fulfilling and exciting for students if we prepare students for these changes and provide them with support.

The Wayne-Westland District Transition Team is comprised of parent representatives from all of the current schools in the district along with teacher and administrator representatives. This team is committed to providing support to students, parents and staff as they transition to new schools or experience changes within their existing schools. The team is focusing on communicating information, planning transition activities for students, staff and parents and problem solving any concerns during this time of change.

Please take advantage of the open houses, tours, family nights and other activities that will be planned this spring to introduce students to their new schools. You may want to contact your school's District Transition Team member so they can assist you with any questions or concerns you may have. As we work together to embrace the changes in our district, the outcome will be a stronger district with more opportunities for our children.