Using the Math Dictionary below find the definitions of the following words:
    Math dictionary


    Complementary angles

    Supplementary angles

    Congruent sides and congruent angles

    Vertical angles


    Definition and Sketch/diagram

    Website 1

    In the space provided, write the definition and sketch a parallelogram. Label your diagram.

    Sum of Interior and exterior angles

    Based on the previous lessons answer the following:

    1. A parallelogram has _____ sides and _____ angles.

    2. The sum of the interior angles of a parallelogram is ________. Explain how you got the answer.

    3. The sum of the exterior angles of a parallelogram is ______. Explain how you got the answer.

    Real Life examples

    Real life examples

    Give 5 more examples of real life parallelograms.


    Parallelogram Website

    I am a parallelogram Video

    Helpful website


    1. What is a parallelogram?

    2. How many parallel lines does it have? Use the diagram on your worksheet

    3. How many congruent sides does it have? What are they based on the diagram on your worksheet

    4. What did you find about the angles?

    5. What did you find about the diagonals?


    Follow the following videos and complete the worksheet. Do not forget to write down the practice problems on a separate sheet of paper to have as example.

    Video 1

    Video 2 Parallelograms

    (On the right hand side, click on problem 1, problem 2 and problem 3 to view all practice problems)


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