Home Page (Do not click On Edit!)

    Here's What To Do:
    1. Click on the '+' sign to the right to create your own page.
    2. For the title write the title of the experiment and then your name and last initial.
    3. Do the experiement the first time and write the results as the 'Observation' section of your lab report.
    4. Then decide which variable to change and come up with a purpose for making this change based upon what you observed. On your web page add your purpose section under the Observation section.
    5. Create a Hypothesis section on your web page stating what you predict will happen if you change that variable based on your Observation.
    6. Write the procedure for your experiment and then do it a second time.
    7. Record your Data on your web page for what you observed happening the second time through the experiment.
    8. Develop a Conclusion on your web page stating whether or not your Hypothesis was correct based on two pieces of evidence from your data.
    9. Finally, develop a 'Tips For Future Use' section on your web page to help others do the saem experiment just as well.

    remember to save all work before closing out the web page. For the rubric, look under 'What's Hot' for the project details and scoring rubric web page. Good Luck!